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Does your flooring need a quick polish or a complete restoration? How can you tell? Whether you have a home or office in Wickford, this handy guide to the services on offer from the Wickford floor sanding and finishing company should clear things up a bit for you. For further information please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Floor sanding strips away the top layers of dirt and grime to reveal the fresh wood beneath and prepares the boards for the application of a suitable eco-friendly finish. The Wickford floor sanding teams SS12 use the latest sanding machines, designed to cut dust production to practically nil, so there’s no mess or fuss. ​


When restoring a wooden floor properly it’s necessary to decide what treatments to apply to best bring it back to life. We don’t simply go charging in with our sanding machines. We give your flooring an exhaustive and completely free on-site assessment first to work out what exactly it needs in terms of restoration. Our Wickford wood floor restoration teams are then in a position to apply the most effective course of treatment for it.


Wood floor repair in Wickford usually involves stabilising a floor by replacing missing sections of wood or tiles, reconstituting sub-floor structures and filling in all the gaps. The latter work is necessary to prevent draughts between the new floor and airbricks in exterior walls and to eliminate creaks and groans. It’s always better to have a nice, smooth expanse of sealed flooring to sand down and apply those finishing touches.


Our eco-friendly stains, waxes, oils, varnishes and lacquers will literally put the finishing touch to your repaired and sanded wooden flooring. You’ll find that some finishes are more appropriate for the particular circumstances, although if you prefer another it won’t make a great deal of difference. A stain and wax creates a superb, rich and comforting glow for a living space, for instance, whereas a varnish forms a good seal against spillages in a kitchen. ​


Staining has always been one of the most popular floor finishes because you can create just about any effect, from dark oak to light elm or pine. We use eco-friendly stains coated with a clear varnish. DIY coloured varnishes, although more convenient to use, will darken as the coats are applied and you have little or no control over the finished hue. ​


Parquet flooring is beautiful but can be fragile and difficult to bring back to life. However, as it’s coming back into fashion you’ll naturally want any you have to be treated professionally. Amateurs don’t tackle parquet in a light-hearted mood, and you’d be far better off calling in the Wickford parquet floor sanding team to do the necessaries for you. We have the equipment and experience to bring out the best in this fragile material.


Bitumen-based adhesives and fragmented tiles are the main obstacles when restoring parquet flooring. The adhesives in particular are difficult to get cleanly out without causing even more damage. This unpleasant substance needs to be thoroughly removed and replaced with modern, eco-friendly and more effective glues. Fortunately this comes as second nature to the Wickford parquet floor restoration experts.


A patch of parquet flooring often requires only a few small repairs to get it looking great again. The Wickford parquet floor repair teams have long experience of dealing with this type of flooring. They’ll expertly remove the tenacious bitumen-based adhesive and fix loose tiles back into place with modern industrial glue. Missing and damaged tiles will be replaced from sustainable sources.


Buffing and polishing should be performed on a fairly regular basis, starting about three years after your floor has first been treated. After that, a buff and polish every two or three years, depending on traffic, will be needed to keep the floor looking perfect. Contact us at the Wickford floor sanding experts and we’ll be happy to offer expert advice on this and all other matters concerning timber floor maintenance.


Gaps need to be filled in as part of the general structural repairs that we carry out prior to sanding the floor down and applying a finish. There’s no point in having immaculately sanded and finished boards if they creak and groan when you walk on them and the house is full of draughts that drive up your heating bills. We use industrial, eco-friendly silicon and resin fillers and natural wood slivers to plug them.


You will need to look after your new wooden flooring if you want it to look fabulous for many years to come. This basically means not abusing it and having it buffed and polished every few years to put the shine back in. Use doormats if the floor connects with outer doors and ideally take shoes and boots off before stepping into the house at all. Try investing in a few pairs of slippers!


Commercial flooring has to look good to impress customers and visitors. There’s nothing like an expanse of pristine natural wood flooring to do just that, and our Wickford commercial floor sanding teams will happily do the work outside of your normal business hours to minimise the impact.


School flooring is typically subjected to staggering levels of punishment and needs to be restored expertly to extend its life for as long as possible. Our Wickford school floor sanding experts will work through the holidays to have it ready for the following term.​


We select our eco-friendly finishes and seals according to the task in hand and the nature of the wood to get the best possible finish every time. Drawing on our 20 years of experience and knowledge of wooden flooring in the area we’ll recommend the most appropriate product to use to bring out the inner beauty of the wood.​